Naomi Sexson: I am a teacher in Conway, married with a 13 year old daughter, Anastasia. I love WRA and am involved in the organization because I believe in the mission of women supporting women in improving their health. My involvement with WRA started about 11 years ago with a friend inviting me to go with her to a clinic. I have had the privilege of working with clinics in Mayflower and Conway and volunteering for the race before asked to serve on the board.

Mary Etta Qualls: I walked in the very first WRA race in 1997, then became a runner and was a past treasurer of WRA. Although no longer a runner my fitness journey includes YOGA and BARRE. I’ve been married to Brett Qualls for 32 years and we have one daughter, Janna, and two granddaughters Maggie and Emma.

Clinic Directors:
Yvonne Schrepfer: I first participated in a WRA clinic in 2013 as a way to get active and have some accountability. I had never been a runner but my sister talked me into signing up for the beginning runner group and by the end of clinic I was hooked. I directed my local clinic for a few years before I joined the WRA board. Through the clinic I learned that if you run, you ARE a runner. It is not about how fast you are or how many miles you do, it is about getting out there and doing it!



Linda Starr: I was a leader in the first run/walk clinic in Conway in 1997 that had 75 participants and was part of the Conway Running Club. Women Run Arkansas Club and Board were formed in 2000. I was a member of the first Board and now I’m the only Charter member left on both the Board and WRA Club

I was a Leader in the Conway Clinic until 2002, at which time I became the Director, in addition to being State Clinic Director. My focus was on training the directors of clinics in the state. Also this same year another board member and I co-directed the Graduation 5K event.

As clinics grew in number the demands increased for the State Clinic Director position. As much as I loved directing the Conway Clinic I stepped down so that I could focus on recruiting and organizing more clinics across the state. I wanted WRA to share what we had in Conway and surrounding cities to more locations so we could empower even more women, give them confidence and build their self-esteem.

I am still a member of the WRA Board of directors and hold the title of State Clinic Director

Race Director:
LeeAnn Moore: I started running in 2010. I have served as a leader, clinic director and now race director. I have been married for 30 years and we have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I currently work as a Shipping Team Leader for Centennial Bank Mortgage.